Christopher Law

(He/Him) President

Chris Law came to Montreal from the UK in 2009 to do postdoctoral work at the IRCM. After 6 years studying embryonic electrical activity in animal models, he took a position as the Microscopy Specialist and Operations Manager at the Centre for Microscopy and Cellular Imaging at Concordia’s Loyola campus, where he is an enthusiastic supporter of imaging and image analysis from labs in Biology, Chemistry & Biochemistry, and Physics. Outside of work, Chris is an avid tabletop gamer and woodworker.

Alex Robichaud

(She/Her) Secretary-Treasurer

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Guénolé Choné

(He/Him) Collective Agreement Coordinator

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Gabrielle McLaren


Guénolé Choné



Geneviève Moisan



So Young Park



Executive Committee

Time commitments for executive committee members include an hour-long weekly meeting, as well as approximately one more hour each week for events or tasks related to the position’s duties. 

If you are feel strongly about ensuring good working conditions and making a positive difference, we encourage you to apply for these positions.

Pay Equity Committee

The goal of this committee is to fight for pay equity for all of CARE’s members.

The focus of this committee is on gender pay equity. We currently have two members, but need at least three to share responsibilities evenly and show how much it matters to Concordia University.

If you identify as non-binary, trans-feminine, or woman notwithstanding your sex assigned at birth, we highly encourage you to join the PEC.

If you are interested and open to dedicating 1-2 hours a week to this important cause, please apply.